Guiding Your Patient Intake Staff To Do More With Less

In an economy where every dollar counts, HME/DME businesses are looking for ways to do more with less.

One way to ensure this is happening is to be certain that resources are being utilized properly, and, insurance validations and verifications are being done correctly – the first time around. A well designed software can help guide your Intake staff so they do not have to repeat steps or search for where they left off with a patient’s intake.

Using real-time data entry validation and an Intake verification engine, the system ensures that your CSR staff has properly logged all of the key elements to create a qualified order, shipped on time, resulting in a payable claim.

TIMS Patient Intake system helps you quickly turn your referrals into properly qualified orders. And because Intake aims to keep your staff focused and their work visible throughout the Intake process, they maintain a clear picture of where they are with each intake entry – which means they operate more efficiently, saving valuable time and money.

We know how important it is to empower HME/DME businesses to increase efficiency and decrease denials. And in the midst of competitive bidding, we think you should have every advantage available to help you succeed!

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