Tools to Win the Competitive Bidding War

With competitive bidding taking another large bite out of HME businesses' profits, companies are looking for ways to offset the foreseeable losses. As a result, many providers are exploring new ways to increase retail sales and a powerful inventory management system is essential to this shift to retail.

TIMS Software - Inventory Management eMail

TIMS Inventory Management easily fills this need and helps make the most of this transition with a simple way 

to manage new product lines. Quickly realize benefits such as:

  • increased productivity with wireless handhelds
  • superior asset management tools
  • greater opportunities to expand your business with multi-branch features
  • improved business insight with better supply management
  • easily monitor and manage inventory turns and cycle counts to keep
    inventory investments low
  • distinguish between retail stores and stocking points

As your business expands, you can easily add new locations or branches to accommodate growth, allowing you to minimize your investment and keep a close eye on inventory levels at supply closets and retail stores. Just one more way that TIMS Software can help you alleviate the bite of competitive bidding.

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Last updated on January 25th, 2021.