What Are the Top Three Pitfalls of RCM That I Should Avoid?

Revenue Cycle: Avoid Pitfalls, Reap Rewards

Q: What are the top three pitfalls of RCM that I should avoid?

The revenue cycle is a complex process with many moving parts. Those “parts” are better known as people and processes, and they need to...

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What KPIs Show I Have Strong Revenue Cycle Management Practices?

Revenue Cycle: Establish KPI Goals

Q: What KPIs show I have strong Revenue Cycle Management practices?

A: Industry experts suggest that every team member have performance goals, engage in monthly feedback sessions with their team and manager,...

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How Does Inventory and Warehouse Management Play a Role in Revenue Cycle Management?

Revenue Cycle: Avoid the Spiral

Q: How does inventory and warehouse management play a role in revenue cycle management?

A. Too much inventory creates unneeded expenses and too little inventory means lost revenue. For many in our industry, ...

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A Real World Guide to Revenue Cycle Management

The aim behind your revenue cycle strategy isn't simply to sharpen your cash flow. Your principal objective as an HME business is to provide quality care to your patients, and your revenue cycle should support that initiative. 

That's why Joey...

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Let TIMS Manage Your Revenue Cycle

The 2017 Users Group provided endless opportunities to address deficiencies with your revenue cycle. Join Product Owner, Megan Goldammer at her interactive station to learn how TIMS Software improves back-end efficiencies and helps you increase...

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Tools to Win the Competitive Bidding War

With competitive bidding taking another large bite out of HME businesses' profits, companies are looking for ways to offset the foreseeable losses. As a result, many providers are exploring new ways to increase retail sales and a powerful ...

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