Pivot Around Changing Regulations Like a Pro

Ready for SWOs? And the next regulatory change? And the one after that ...

If there's one thing that's key to timely payment and passing audits, it's effectively managing documentation. 
The challenge for HME businesses is to constantly keep up with changing payer preferences and regulations.
Take the new SWO (Standard Working Order) from CMS: it was intended to make things easier, but while waiting for clarification many HME providers are handling it by submitting SWOs along with the other documents it was created to replace. 

We can't make clarity come quicker (or stop the next change from happening), but we can help you set up your software to handle documentation requirements as easily as possible. TIMS Document Management was built to handle exactly this kind of challenge... 

From patient intake to payer authorizations and claim processing, TIMS Document Management gets everything ready from the start. You set up your own rules and workflows as you manage your revenue cycle, so having the right documents ready is automated at every step.

And whenever a payer changes their requirements, or CMS regulations are updated, you'll be ready for a quick pivot to meet them. A simple adjustment to your rules and workflow setup will allow your documentation compliance to continue smoothly. You won't risk revenue by failing to qualify for reimbursement or waste precious time dealing with denials that could have been avoided.

Early adopters of TIMS Document Management have reported significant reductions in renewal backlogs, supervisor follow-ups, errors, and costly rework.

Benefits of TIMS Document Management include:

  • Automate workflows
  • Manage multiple documents per order
  • Create and pre-populate forms
  • Formally accept, return, and assign inbound documents
  • Automate and authorization renewals and continued-use document generation

You may not have power over shifting requirements, but that doesn't mean you have to let them slow you down. The right flexibility, control, and automation are within your reach.

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This article was originally written by of Computers Unlimited. Published . Modified 2020-03-03.