Don't Let These HME Business Frights Keep You Up at Night

Your Challenges Can Be Solved with the Right Technology

Running a business comes with unique challenges that can, dare we say ... haunt your dreams. In the HME industry, these issues often stem from outdated or disjointed processes that end up cutting into what should be your free time and profit.

With the right technology, it doesn't have to be that way. The following five "frightful" issues can be solved, if you carve out the time to implement and put the right systems to use. No tricks here, only wickedly good resources that can help save your sanity.

Challenge: High delivery costs 
Solution: Use our dispatching tools and mobile delivery app to maximize productivity, increase accountability, and reduce operational costs. You can create a delivery schedule, assign employee break times, limit re-sequencing of orders, and capture driver arrival and departure times. Plus, avoid heavy traffic, reduce fuel costs, and stay on course with turn-by-turn directions.

Challenge: Poor inventory control
Solution: Too much inventory creates unnecessary expenses and too little inventory can lead to lost revenue. TIMS Inventory helps you maintain supply levels at your warehouse and branch locations, and tracks the quantity on-hand, committed, purchased, and back ordered. Other features that help your team stay on top of quantities include physical counts, cycle counts, barcode tracking, automated purchasing, and PO receiving.

Challenge: Limited access to your data
Solution: Some HME software systems limit your access to data or charge additional fees to provide you with reports about your own business. With TIMS Software, you have unlimited access to 100 percent of your data using the world's most popular business tools from Microsoft®. Pre-built data cubes make it quick and easy to create richly formatted reports, and you can perform powerful ad hoc analysis in Excel® to address your most pressing needs, fast.

Challenge: Multiple systems to manage
Solution: Reduce the need for multiple software interfaces. If you work with several independent systems that interface—or don't communicate at all—you may face challenges with those systems correctly sharing data with each other. TIMS®, on the other hand, is a fully integrated solution with seamless internal data transfer. There's no need to map codes between systems, and data updates, real-time reporting, and day-to-day processes are easier.

Challenge: Piles and piles of paperwork
Solution: Put paper in your past. TIMS Inbound Document Routing allows you to digitally receive and upload incoming faxes to your system, where they're time and date stamped. From there, you can assign each document to a customer service rep or a work queue. Documents are filed in TIMS Imaging and are instantly viewable throughout the system. As additional documents are generated, they are also automatically tied to the workflow, leaving an audit trail of every outgoing request and incoming document related to the order.

Business doesn't have to be scary with well-thought-out processes and help from a solid software system. Let us help you embrace your challenges and defeat your business "demons" today.

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This article was originally written by of Computers Unlimited. Published . Modified 2023-10-04.