At Your Service: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at TIMS Software Application Support

We Exist to Serve Our Customers

If you’ve had a question about using your TIMS Software system, you’ve probably had the opportunity to talk with Jennifer, John, Dawn, or any one of our team of application support representatives. They’re part of one of the largest departments here and, along with our Technical Services Department, represent more than 20 percent of the staff.

It makes sense that the support departments are a big part of the TIMS Software team because, rather than a software company, we actually consider ourselves a service-based company with a software solution. What does that mean, exactly? It means that our focus is on supporting you. Not only do we have a great product, but we also build customer support into our core goals.

How We Make It Happen

We work hard to make sure our Application Support team is trained and ready to help.

  • Segmented Experience: Any Application Support team member can answer your basic questions, and each of them is also a specialist with a particular area of expertise. That’s why your call to TIMS Software will most likely start with a quick conversation with staff member Linda, not an automated phone menu. She’ll transfer you to the right support group, so that your questions are answered by the best possible person for the topic.
  • Weekly Training Sessions: How does our support team stay sharp? Training, training, and more training—often learning from each other. As part of team-led, unstructured sessions, staff members meet weekly to explore a recent service call from start to finish. These sessions often reveal additional or alternate ways of solving a problem, what to expect on certain types of calls, and the steps support reps can go through to troubleshoot. Because multiple viewpoints and experiences are contributed, even the most senior staff members have an opportunity to expand their knowledge.
  • Reverse Shadowing: In addition to our buddy system, where new employees are assigned a teammate who helps them with the day-to-day tasks of their work, we’ve also started a new initiative called reverse shadowing. So, don’t be surprised if your TIMS Application Support representative introduces their “buddy” on your next call! Our seasoned support representatives are shadowing newer team members to provide assistance during the call and follow up with the new team member after the call. The same happens when you email a request. It helps our new staff grow their knowledge and feel supported, and hopefully gives you the confidence to know that you’re getting great advice, always.

We Win, Too

We might as well admit it. When it comes to helping solve customer issues, we win, too. Solid training practices help our new staff start off on the right foot, become experts on our software and more successful employees. And, as part of customer service, we’re able to gather feedback from users that improves TIMS Software and helps shape our future. Together, we continue to make TIMS a stronger, more intuitive product that continues to meet all of your HME revenue cycle needs. We’re glad to help, so please feel free to call or email us.

In addition to application support, we also offer training videos in the TIMS Customer Portal that can serve as a helpful refresher for you or help new staff get up to speed on TIMS Software. Or, participate in the TIMS Forum (request a username and password through the Customer Portal) for discussion with your peers.

Not a TIMS Software customer? Give us an opportunity to show you how we can help you manage your revenue cycle with our unique mix of software, service, and support.

Contact us for a personalized demo of TIMS Software.This article was originally written by of Computers Unlimited. Published . Modified 2018-10-25.