Document Management Helps You Get Paid, Every Time

Save On Labor Costs and Reduce Late or Unpaid Claims

If there's one thing that's key to receiving timely reimbursement and passing payment audits, it's effectively managing documentation. But HME businesses too often have to deal with obstacles like disconnected tools and manual processes that are prone to error. The good news? Choosing a streamlined tool and automation can save you labor costs and reduce late or unpaid claims, resulting in higher profit margins.

TIMS Document Management takes the entire HME documentation process and brings it into the TIMS system. Your staff can proactively work and track documentation prior to fulfillment with high visibility, so that you don't risk revenue by failing to meet the requirements to qualify for reimbursement.

Benefits of TIMS Document Management:

  • Manage multiple documents per order in TIMS
  • Create and pre-populate forms with TIMS data
  • Automate workflows
  • Document CSR and team assignments
  • Allow high visibility of all work
  • Return documents in TIMS Inbound Document Routing (IDR) with a formal acceptance process
  • Log and analyze complete event and exchange data
  • Automate authorization renewal and continued use document generation

Our earliest adopters have reported significant reductions in renewal backlogs, supervisor follow-ups, and mistakes/costly rework. They’ve seen an increase in visibility of work—new, ready, overdue, returned, and renewal work is all visible in real-time. They’ve also put to good use the ability to analyze productivity, outcomes, and workload. This allows teams to set goals, prioritize, and support each other where it is most needed.

What could all this mean for you? An easier and simplified process that translates into lower labor costs and higher quality work.

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This article was originally written by of Computers Unlimited. Published . Modified 2018-09-17.