Measures to Protect Patient Data

In light of recent ransomware attacks around the globe, HME businesses should reevaluate their role in safeguarding data against malicious threats. As a software company that utilizes effective methods in cyber defense, Computers Unlimited holds your data with incredible care and security. My colleague, Crystal Hopper, wrote a valuable blog on measures to prevent a potential data breach. The following will follow the same suit as we view our efforts to educate customers to be integral in the fight against cyberattacks.   

Encrypt Your Data

Specialists in cyber defense consider data encryption as a last line of defense. If data is stolen, encryption may be the only motive that protects highly valued information. 

Update Software 

Security is assured to your entire computing infrastructure when software is up-to-date. Most security patch updates are easy to perform and only require a slight amount of patience to enact.

Assess Your Risk

To assess a potential risk, IT and network professionals should identify weak areas in your system and immediately act to fortify them. Notice an increase in traffic? Observe multiple login attempts? These are clear signs of a gap in security. To address the divide, a network intrusion test is recommended. Upon further assessment, the isolation of servers is a necessary pathway to pursue. This process can occur through network segmentation.


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