Route It, Deliver It, and Get Paid

TIMS Delivery: A Mobile App Made for You and Your HME Business

TIMS Software is here to support your team at every step of the revenue cycle. And now TIMS goes just about everywhere you go. One of our newest tools is TIMS Delivery, a user-friendly mobile application that syncs with the core TIMS system to streamline delivery

Do it all with TIMS Delivery, including load routed orders, collect electronic signatures, take credit card payments, confirm orders, and more. The best part is that it’s all updated in real-time in your TIMS system—no paperwork to keep track of. The savings add up!

MED: Ted Delivery Mobile Phone Routing Map Screen July 2018Route It: Use TIMS Scheduler with TIMS Delivery to maximize productivity and reduce operational costs, no matter where your business takes you.

  • Create a delivery schedule and improve accountability by assigning break times and limits on re-sequencing of deliveries.
  • Avoid heavy traffic, reduce fuel costs, stay on course with turn-by-turn directions, and capture driver arrival and departure time.
  • Reduce maintenance and/or inventory supply issues with truck inspection forms that can be set to be required at certain times.



MED: Ted Delivery Mobile Phone Order Screen July 2018

Deliver It: Streamline your delivery methods with the flexibility to update orders on site.

  • Securely access patient information to verify address, delivery time, and note any potential hazards at the delivery location (such as airborne, infectious, or blood borne diseases).
  • Stay organized and on-task with delivery prompts and checklists.
  • Check inventory and pricing manually or by barcode scan.
  • Record serial numbers and lot numbers.
  • Access, edit, and submit electronic forms and documentation.
  • Design additional forms, such as Home Risk Assessments or Plan of Care checklists, based on your preferences and patient requirements.
  • Send undeliverable/rescheduled orders to an internal team for review and customer follow up.


MED: Ted Delivery Mobile Phone Order Completion Payment Screen July 2018

Get Paid: Finish orders by capturing an electronic patient signature for proof of delivery and provide a receipt.

  • Collect credit card payments at the time of service.
  • Print or email customer receipts upon delivery, using Zebra® Bluetooth printers. A copy of the receipt is always uploaded to TIMS.
  • Reduce DSO, as orders are updated immediately in the TIMS system.
  • Reduce back office paperwork by eliminating re-keying of orders and scanning of paper documents.
  • Avoid write-offs by reducing the chance of misplacing paperwork.


Experience TIMS Delivery in action and see for yourself how powerful this tool really is! TIMS Scheduler, along with TIMS Delivery, can work with the core TIMS system to help you reach new levels of efficiency.

This article was originally written by of Computers Unlimited. Published . Modified 2018-09-17.