Vendor Versus Partner – Evaluating Software for HME Providers

Success Begins with Vision

The right software touches nearly every aspect of your HME business. It supports your current activities, allows you to become more efficient, and helps you evaluate your challenges and successes. With a variety of software providers to choose from, find a partner that grows with you and can become a trusted adviser, stakeholder, and supporter.

The Value of Partnerships

A recent survey from Aberdeen and PJA Advertising revealed the most important factors in a B2B buyer's purchasing decision are whether their business goals are supported and whether they believe the product will sharpen their competitive edge. Other important issues include the partner-supplier’s long-term technology vision, and whether the product provides new avenues for revenue.

A partner is an extension of your business, contributing knowledge, expertise, and resources. When you operate with solid, integrated tools from a trusted partner, you, your staff, and your customers reap the rewards.

Partners are Forward Thinking

A true partner doesn’t just sell a product. They are proactive, looking for growth opportunities and developing tools that make your business more efficient, benefiting both parties. As you evaluate how your software functionality meets your needs at the user level, group level, and corporate level, your partner must be evolving to meet those current and future needs.

With technology continuing to change at a rapid pace, there’s no shortage of opportunities to innovate, and your partner should be a resource. One area to watch is mobile development. Smartphone and tablet applications are generating greater levels of efficiency and productivity for HME businesses. Our TIMS Deliveryfor example, reduces labor costs by streamlining work methods and linking the patient experience from order through delivery.

Partners Prepare for Growth

The software system you invest in today must be equipped to carry your business for years to come. You may have one or two stores today, but down the road you could grow to 20 or more. Your system has to be flexible enough to accommodate this growth. At the same time, it's highly possible that you may be able to decrease your staff size, as your processes become more efficient. An innovative, all-in-one solution specifically designed for the HME industry provides the speed and agility to get work done.

Our Partners

At TIMS Software, we understand the importance of partnerships. So, just as we strive to be a valued partner to our users, we also cultivate strong relationships with other companies that can add value to our software. Our partners mirror the TIMS Software commitment to excellence, and we’re proud of how these integrations help users share data, take fewer steps, and get work done faster.

We recently celebrated some exciting milestones for two of our partners:

  • Omnitracs Fleet Management Software & Systems reached their 30-year anniversary. You can view their anniversary video here.
  • Prochant (previously The Prometheus Group), a provider of HME revenue cycle management services, announced their re-branding. Along with the new name, Prochant now has an updated logo, graphics, website, and messaging.

We’ve also been working with another one of our partners on a short, animated video that demonstrates how the use of barcodes can increase productivity and protect your valuable inventory. TIMS Software provides unparalleled inventory control tracking for HME providers, while our partner, Zebra Technologies, produces the equipment needed to print and scan barcode labels. With digital tracking and inventory of new orders, resupply orders, and returns, you control the supply chain from the warehouse through delivery to the patient.

On our website, you can read more about all of our current partners and the additional services they offer.

The right software partnership involves trust—trust that your partner has your best interests in mind, from implementation and support to providing the analytics you need to be successful and the innovations that will grow with you.

Consider your software choice wisely.

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This article was originally written by of Computers Unlimited. Published . Modified 2018-04-18.