What Makes TIMS Software Different?

Four Big Differences That Help You Do More 

If you've shopped around for HME/DME business management software, you know you have choicesAt TIMS Software, we understand that we're not the only system available to HME/DME teams, but we do think we're pretty unique. 

Some of the top HME providers rely on TIMS Software. Here's why:

 TIMS Software is integrated.

As one integrated system, all TIMS Software modules work together as a single solution for optimal compatibility. That means data from the entire revenue cycle is seamlessly updated in real time. All information is immediately gathered, stored, and reportable. As an integrated solution, TIMS modules share the same databases, working tightly together to reduce errors and downtime.

TIMS Software is mobile.

Our new TIMS Delivery mobile application puts the power of the TIMS system at your fingertips on a smartphone or tablet. Created specifically for the HME/DME industry, we integrate with Omnitracs One® from Omnitracs® to optimize routing. Then, TIMS Delivery gives your team access to the TIMS system on the road, in real-time, to access delivery prompts and checklists, confirm and update orders on-site, collect electronic signatures, submit forms, take credit card payments, print or email customer receipts, and more.

TIMS Software is accessible.

With TIMS Business Intelligence & Financials, all of your data is accessible to you, all of the time. Get a clear, concise look at your productivity, monitor and measure your costs, and analyze your revenue streams. Customize your reports, then conveniently save them to your favorites for easy retrieval, or choose to export data to a third-party financial system.

TIMS Software is customizable.

We're a completely customizable solution with a dedicated team of software developers in-house. That means we can work together to make sure our system fits your business like a (surgical) glove... even if you run things a little differently from others in the industry. Our users aren't confined to a cookie-cutter approach!

If you're already part of the TIMS Software family, take advantage of all we have to offer. If not, you're missing out! Only the right software solution can help you manage what matters most to your business.
Are you ready to make the move?

What Makes TIMS Software Different

This article was originally written by of Computers Unlimited. Published . Modified 2019-01-19.