3 Features That Drive TIMS Patient Intake

In a world without digital patient intake, customer service representatives (CSRs) would find themselves stuck in the mud. With paper copies, filing, faxing and writing-up documents, the amount of paperwork one would have to deal with would be grueling.   

With TIMS Patient Intake, however, a CSR can easily manage their assigned orders. As they move through the workflow, CSRs can view documents needed to process an intake, and generate forms that are associated with the patient, supporting documentation, or referral communications. Here are three reasons TIMS Patient Intake works for you:

Advanced Workflow

HME Providers need a more advanced way to assign work to the appropriate CSRs at the appropriate time. TIMS Advanced Workflow automatically generates tasks at different workflow states. These tasks can be assigned to individuals or groups of people. When all your work is tracked in one system you can view who touched a particular task, when they touched it, what step in the workflow they’re in, and how long it took to complete the task.

Documentation & Compliance

It is very common to require documentation prior to dispensing product to ensure payment by the insurance.  Best practices dictate obtaining as much documentation as possible from the referral that supports the need for the products being dispensed. The more documentation collected at the time of the order, the more time and money is saved with down-stream processes. Improve operational efficiencies and remain in compliance with our streamlined document management system. TIMS Document Management provides high visibility to document information for patient/customer services and billing staff.


TIMS Patient Intake provides CSRs accountability to make sure they’re completing the steps that are required of them. Have the functionality to monitor when an intake is started, when it’s finished and who has touched it along the way. 

Using TIMS Patient Intake, your CSR’s can quickly turn your referrals into properly qualified orders. TIMS Software keeps your staff focused and their work visible throughout the entire intake process.

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Last updated April 23, 2021.