4 Ways to Assign Documents with Inbound Document Routing

When processing clinical documentation, an abundance of paperwork is a sign of a long day and potential headaches. The longer you spend on paper documents, the longer it takes to earn a profit. In addition, services to patients may be prolonged if specific documents are missing or withheld due to limited efficiencies in procedures.

TIMS Inbound Document Routing (IDR) eliminates the paperwork and increases procedural performance in more ways than one. The following are four ways in which actions can be taken when assigning documents: 

1.  Create a New Intake

If the documents need to be associated with a new patient, you can start a new patient intake directly from IDR. A patient file will be started for the next team to review and finalize.

2.  Attach to an Open Intake

Easily attach documents are for an existing patient. Documents you might receive at this step are supporting documents from doctors or payer authorizations from insurance companies. Any document can be viewed through the intake, a task, or TIMS Imaging. With TIMS Imaging, all documents associated with patients are kept secure.   

3.  Add to TIMS Imaging 

TIMS Imaging is an integrated document scanning and management system that provides secure storage, viewing, and quick retrieval of an unlimited number and variety of documents. Documents you might store include vendor or manufacturer materials, contact information, etc. Having these documents readily available will allow you to fax, email or print them to share with your patient.

4.  Create a Task

Does your intake require any follow up tasks? Some intakes require additional documentation before they can move through a workflow. TIMS Tasks provides the ability to enter, view, organize, and assign follow up tasks that need to be completed by another team or at some point in the future. Once a document is received, the task can be completed and the intake can move to the next state of the workflow.

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