Secure Your Data with TIMS Business Intelligence

The number of sources that captivate our immediate need to be in the know has submerged us in an overwhelming amount of data. Most every book, article and journal known to creation is online. Knowledge is forever good in my book, but what about privacy?

The need to protect the privacy of a patient’s health records is nothing new. Government policies such as HIPAA have declared a roadmap for patient protection. Private business has used this map to forge even deeper and build preventive measures in safeguarding intimate details.

TIMS Software is no different. With TIMS Business Intelligence, gain unlimited access to 100% of your data. Critical business data and transactions are centrally stored in the TIMS Microsoft SQL® Database, providing you with a unified view of your business and customers. 

Get a clear, concise look at your productivity, monitor and measure your costs, and analyze your revenue streams with the key components to maintaining a profitable HME business, your data. TIMS Business Intelligence & Financials gives you superior integration to view and breakout budgets and profit centers both by branch and location, all in real-time. Create any number of business intelligence reports to analyze and compare your data so you can make better business decisions based on fact.

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Last Updated April 16, 2021.