Secure Your Data with TIMS Business Intelligence

Never has humankind experienced an inundation of information as it has now. The number of sources that captivate our immediate need to be in the know has submerged us in an overwhelming amount of data. Most every book, article and journal known to creation is online. Knowledge is forever good in my book, but what about privacy?

The issue of data protection has painted quite the vivid headlines recently. As quick as information is dispersed through innumerous amount of channels, the race to secure and ensure the protection of information is vehemently underway.

The need to protect the privacy of a patient’s health records is nothing new. Government policies such as HIPAA have declared a roadmap for patient protection. Private business has used this map to forge even deeper and build preventive measures in safeguarding intimate details.

TIMS Software is no different. With TIMS Business Intelligence, users gain unlimited access to 100% of their data. Critical business data and transactions are centrally stored in the TIMS Microsoft SQL® Database Management System, providing you with a unified view of your business and customers.



TIMS BI Ribbon is a Microsoft Excel® add-in that allows users to view their data in an effortless manner. It's designed to make authorized cube access and reporting easier. 

Furthermore, the Dimension Authorization Setup activity gives users the option to restrict access to cube data for specific user groups and dimensions. Dimension authorizations allow you to apply more stringent cube security. With this type of authorization, you can limit regional managers to only see data for a group of branches corresponding to their region. Limit a branch manager to only see cube data for their own branch. Sales managers can be limited to see cube data for their own salespeople. Salespeople can be limited to see data for their own sales records.  

Dimension level security can be applied to any dimension, including: branch, profit center, salesperson and territory. Dimension authorizations limit the data that is visible to the end user in the cubes. 

Possess the integrity and network security that assures users that your information can only be accessed by authorized users. TIMS Business Intelligence is your key to securing your most prized information.


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