Gain Access to Your Data with TIMS Reporting

The importance of receiving sophisticated reporting analytics is integral to the vitality of any business. When such tools are unavailable to providers, timely decisions meant to subvert bad decisions and increase productivity are postponed. When certain competitors in the reporting sphere charge their users to view their own data, further frustrations envelop efficiency.        

TIMS Reporting provides standard and custom-styled reporting. A lower cost solution offers our consumers the reliability of accurate, on demand data for immediate analyzation. It is an integrated reporting solution that allows consumers to use SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) to browse through available reports via a concept tree structure. Users have the ability to open multiple reports in separate tabs and email them in a convenient manner.

Standard Reports

Standard reports are TIMS reports that have predefined developed fields. With over 300 plus reports, users have the option to assess the data in multiple ways. Each report has numerous filters and criteria that give consumers several reports tied to one standard report.

Custom Reports

Custom reports give users complete access to one’s data. Resources in the form of Microsoft Report Builder, and specific team members designated to design and build reports for TIMS’ clients are available. Questions concerning reporting procedures can also be directed to these team members.TIMS_reporting_standard_custom.jpg         

TIMS Reporting gives you analysis to see how your business is performing. Test drive our system with the option to have multiple reports and complete access to your data.

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