Manage Employee Productivity with TIMS Workflow

An established workflow is paramount to managing a highly functional organization. Most every organizational structure maintains a workflow that regulates responsibilities of its employees. What happens when managers need to track their employees' progress? Some software systems provide a basic workflow, but are limited in their abilities to reveal quantitative results. Useful information, such as order status or who's responsible for the next task in the workflow, may not be clearly visible in basic systems.     

A robust workflow system will prevent barriers to productivity and enhance managerial insightfulness. That's where TIMS Software steps into the picture. The Advanced Workflow system supports our Patient Intake system. It's a complete, unified platform that enables managers to assign tasks to individuals or groups, even if those groups are not at the same location. It also gives you insight into where certain tasks remain in the pipeline.

Without TIMS Advanced Workflow, you'll lack awareness of your business's performance. Let TIMS Workflow shed some additional light on your employee productivity.  

Useful Insights

One way to drive productivity is through insightful information that eventually leads to measurable actions. TIMS Workflow keeps you in the know on the status of your entire workflow. This information gives managers the ability to categorize items that need to be finished urgently.

Narrow your focus into the status of an order to gain complete access into your workflow as well. Know who's working on the order, for how long, and where the order sits in the pipeline. These useful insights can help you run and monitor your team's progress. TIMS-HME-Software-Workflow.jpg

Assign Tasks

Managers can assign tasks to their CSRs once the workflow is set up. The ability to assign roles is important as you decide whether an item in the workflow needs to be completed immediately or at a later time. CSRs will receive notifications on their assignments for the day as they process each task.  

TIMS Workflow is also flexible. You're in complete charge as you design and implement the flow. If changes are required, you have the freedom to eliminate or add tasks to the workflow.  

TIMS provides you the necessary tools to stay competitive in the ever-evolving HME industry. 

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