Don't Let These HME Business Frights Keep You Up at Night

Your Challenges Can Be Solved with the Right Technology

Running a business comes with unique challenges that can, dare we say ... haunt your dreams. In the HME industry, these issues often stem from outdated or disjointed processes that end up...

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Document Management Helps You Get Paid, Every Time

Save On Labor Costs and Reduce Late or Unpaid Claims

If there's one thing that's key to receiving timely reimbursement and passing payment audits, it's effectively managing documentation. But HME businesses too often have to deal with obstacles like...

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Is Your HME Business Really Paperless?

Your Next Step for Putting Paper in the Past

So, you say you have a “paperless office”—you’ve traded your packed-to-the-brim file cabinets for a scanner and electronic document management system. You upload your faxed orders and referrals and shred...

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Validate Your Documents with TIMS

According to the Medicare Fee-For-Service Improper Payments report by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, "insufficient documentation errors account for 80.4% of the DMEPOS improper payments." The detailed report indicates insufficient...

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Catch the Latest Developments to Document Management

Senior Product Owner, Joe Simanton, presented TIMS Document Management during our 2017 Users Group Conference. Our exceptional staff at Computers Unlimited (CU) worked hard to present fresh updates to the product that have certainly enticed our...

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3 Ways TIMS Document Management Saves Precious Time and Money

Is improper documentation keeping you from collecting revenue that is owed to you? Do you suspect industry peers are experiencing higher profitability by reducing denials and compliance audits by managing their patient documents more effectively?...

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